Teaching and Healing with the Power of Love
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My name is Ban Ali and I am blessed to be here, sharing from my heart. At age 33, the need to understand my life, my relationship, my purpose and the ways of the Universe led me to begin a most important dialogue with the Divine. This communion continues to transform my life and offer hope, healing, and love beyond anything I could have previously imagined possible. It is my honor and privilege to share the insight and love with which I have been blessed.

What I have come to discover is that the greatest power is the one that resides within.

Since begnning my spiritual journey I experienced a transformation beyond anything I would have imagined possible. I found that happiness was truly in the heart. I found that love is a gift you give to yourself first before you can truly extend it to another. I discovered that romance, passion, happiness and an amazing life are all within reach. Through my inward process, I found that I was much more capable than I had ever imagined. Over time, I taught myself to persevere, to heal, to face my fears with love and peace, to change my thoughts and to day by day create the life I desired. I learned about the importance of loving myself fully and of going within for Truth.

I feel blessed and honored to share with you the tools and insights that continue to help me along my journey.


Ban Ali is a Doreen Virtue certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a Reiki Master, and has received extensive training in Intuitive Development with world-renowned teacher and Hay House author Sonia Choquette.

Ban also holds a B.F.A in Graphic Design and an M.F.A in Film Production from Boston University.