Teaching and Healing with the Power of Love
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My name is Ban Ali and I am blessed to be here, sharing from my heart. At age 33, the need to understand my life, my relationship, my purpose and the ways of the Universe led me to begin a most important dialogue with the Divine. This communion continues to transform my life and offer hope, healing, and love beyond anything I could have previously imagined possible. It is my honor and privilege to share the insight and love with which I have been blessed.

What I have come to discover is that the greatest power is the one that resides within our hearts.

During the first 2 years of my spiritual journey I experienced a transformation beyond anything I would have imagined possible. I took a chance on my happiness and leapt into the unknown, moving southward to FL and leaving behind a successful career in graphic design, a long term relationship, and my home of Boston. Through my journey inward, I found that happiness was truly in the heart. I found that love is a gift you give to yourself first before you can truly extend it to another. I discovered that romance, passion, happiness and an amazing life are all within reach. Through my inward process, I found that I was much more capable than I had ever imagined. Over time, I taught myself to persevere, to face my fears with love and peace, to change my thoughts and to day by day create the life I desired. I learned about the importance of balance and of going within for Truth, and of letting go in order to receive.

While my first 2 years were full of wonderful experiences, at age 35, after a very strenuous breakup, I began suffering from aural and visual hallucinations. It was a very stressful and troubling time. It took some time but I eventually found the strength to cope with the experience to the best of my ability and live my life in spite of the negativity the voices brought with them. However about a year later, having become very sensitive to energies, I began suffering from panic disorder and the voices I heard began convincing me that they were angels, here to help. It was a very stressful and confusing time. My energy system and mental state were completely overwhelmed and under duress. In 2011, I moved back to Massachusetts and began seeking medical help for my condition.

The following 2 years were spent under psychiatric care, trying out various medications that unfortunately could not heal my multiple symptoms. For a while they controlled the panic and anxiety and the onset of depression, but eventually the anxiety began rearing its head again. My cognitive abilities began to decline as well and my memory suffered. I kept on with the medical path and even tried receiving various energy clearings but to no avail. One day in 2014, after speaking with a friend who is a Shaman, I became inspired to practice my own healing methods on myself again - the same ones that brought me so much joy and love in the beginning of my spiritual journey. I also decided to work on reestablishing my connection with the Divine for guidance and healing, even though I had lost my intuitive abilities in the 2 years prior.

My new found belief in my own power to heal opened up a door of a slew of miracles. What I was able to accomplish in just a few months of following my old set of self-healing tools, was far beyond anything I had experienced in the 2 years prior while taking medication. I began believing that I can heal and that the symptoms can and will go away and I will return to my natural state of good mental and spiritual health. This belief and my drive, were the most important first steps in my journey back to wholeness and to experiencing the healing power of Love.

I feel blessed, honored and privileged to share with you the tools and insights that I have learned and continue to learn on this beautiful journey back to wholeness and experiencing the power of Love.


Ban Ali is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® with Doreen Virtue, an intuitive Healer, Coach, Reiki Master, and Teacher. She has studied extensively with world-renowned spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette and has been certified in Sixth Sensory Intuitive Development.

Ban also holds a B.F.A in Graphic Design and an M.F.A in Film Production from Boston University. She now channels her creative abilities to bring inspiration and healing to her life and the lives of others. She is passionate about creating videos and art that inspire, awaken and raise the vibration.